Mr. Bruce McDaniel,
I felt compelled to drop some lines and tell you that I enjoyed your training very much. To
impart knowledge gained through experience is quite important, and I suspect you are harboring an
almost endless reserve. I consider myself very lucky to have stumbled into the rich life that can be found
in the world of industrial maintenance. What could be more entertaining than working with fire, electricity
and steam, or the artistry it takes to restore a functioning monument of steel? Once the knowledge is
gained, sometimes painfully, teaching to the next generation is paramount, and I commend you for that.
Your professional but relaxed approach defeats boredom, your gift of an almost Billy Gibbons quality
voice (sorry, but have you listened to Billy speak?), and your modest rock star demeanor made the class
the most memorable I have attended. Keep on keepin' on.
Thanks Again,

• The benefits of a knowledgeable instructor are priceless. I cannot wait for the next seminar I attend.

Attendee from: Pharmacia

• Good teacher, lively class, kept things going on. One of the better courses I have taken.

Attendee from: Lake Co. Public Blg. Com.

• I enjoyed the class. Learned several things that will improve my safety and effiency. Participation and feedback were encouraged. I would definitely consider consulting Mr. McDaniel in the field.

Attendee from: Kropp Forge

• Came in basically a novice. Came out with a good understanding. Taught in a way that was; and will be, retained. Did not feel great about attending; but sure glad I did. Thank you.

Attendee from: Westchester School District

• The safety training was super; and should be a requirement in industrial standards.

Attendee from: City of Lansing

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